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The bin Laden Compound as seen on Google maps.

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Retro Logo Goodness, a set by jordan_lloyd on Flickr.

A nice collection of how logos should really be drawn.

Tina Fey joins Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt for a fireside chat about her new book, Bossypants. They talk about women things, comedy improv and rules for creativity.

From the video

The idea you stumble upon together is likely to be more interesting than the idea that started from individually [sic]


Syracuse usually known for its record snowfalls got a taste of a little rain on one of the warmest days of the year.  Here are some current photos Tweeted from places around campus during this wacky weather.

33 minute video featuring the 49,000+ displayable unicode characters. All of them. In one video. One per frame. Created by

New Facebook Categories

Glad to see that Facebook has reorganized categories, sad to see that Advertising or Design or Marketing is not on the list.

Business/Personal Relationships

I’ve long had a philosophy, an instinct, that if we treated personal relationships more like business, and business relationships more personally we’d all be further along the evolutionary time-line. This article from the Wall Street Journal makes a good case for how economic theories and business principals can help with personal relationships — specifically marriage. Paula Szuchman discusses 5 discoveries made while researching for her book Spousonomics: Using Economics to Master Love, Marriage & Dirty Dishes. The list includes how doing the dishes, putting out, and talking less can contribute to the overall health of a union of two people committed to making life work. Aside from the putting out part, it’s not too hard to make an intellectual leap to see how these ideas can not only help enrich your personal relationships but your business relationships as well.

Thousands of web developers— and now Microsoft itself —are begging users to quit using Internet Explorer 6.

Hip-Hop Friday. Fight the power.